Reading List

Concurrency and CPU Scheduling

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Communication: Local and Remote

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Storage Systems

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    • A Critique of Seltzer's LFS Measurements.
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    • A Response to Ousterhout's Critique of LFS Measurements.
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    • A Response to Seltzer's Response.
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Memory Management

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    [DOI] [CACM 11(5) DOI (easier to read)] [Multics Website (just for fun, not required)]

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Distributed Systems Theory

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Protection and Security

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    [Semantic Scholar]

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System Structure

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    [DOI] [CACM 11(5) DOI (easier to read)]

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    [Self-Hosted] [Plan 9 Website (just for fun, not required)]

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Application Structure and Programming Models

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Cluster Computing

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Bugs and Correctness

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Mobile, Ubiquitous, and Edge Computing

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Revealed Truth

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